The IoT is a revolution that promises to change people’s lives, from inside the home to right across society. The reason it will happen is because of the boom in low-cost computing.


The internet of things will transform everyday life, from managing airports’ passenger flow to heating buildings and caring for the elderly. UPQU is busy with realising the benefits of a totally connected world.


In the home, or into the business...  internet-based home automation is now possible thanks to low cost computing devices – such as the Raspberry Pi – RF networks and infrared-to-IP interfaces.

That way, the awesome power of the Internet of Things with UPQU media will be fully realized – an infinite array of smart connected solutions designed to improve your health, environment and productivity through intelligent use of data.

Our mission is to give the healthcare and the patients all the benefits of the today's story about IOT.






“Giving people the information, understanding and confidence to take a meaningful role in their health and wellbeing, and creating the conditions for a healthy society”