Connected Health

There is no standard, accepted definition of Connected Health. It is a model for healthcare delivery that uses technology to provide healthcare remotely. Connecting people and information within a system ‐the healthcare system. At SWYCS we prefer to talk about what Connected Health can do and what it means for patients, clinicians and healthcare as a whole.


SWYCS Connected health aims to maximize healthcare resources and provide increased, flexible opportunities for consumers to engage with clinicians and better self‐manage their care. It is a new model for health management. It puts the correct information in the correct hands at the correct time. It allows patients and clinicians to make better decisions. Decisions that can save lives, save money and ensure a better quality of life during and after treatment.


Of course this belongs to our strategy of “See What You Can Save”, and all the data collected is available from our SWYCS connected health portal. It uses technology – often leveraging readily available consumer technologies – to deliver patient care outside of the hospital or doctor's office, and the SWYCS connected health portal sends auto reminders and alerts to patients, nurses and doctors when things are out of the range.


Connected health encompasses programs in telehealth, remote care (such as home care) and disease and lifestyle management, often leverages existing technologies such as connected devices using existing cellular networks and is associated with efforts to improve chronic care.